Present Perfect Board Game

HaveYouEverHere’s a board game that I use with adults to consolidate the use of Present Perfect when talking about personal experience. I included the black & white version as well: HaveYouEver.

As a follow-up, they can write the answer to one of these questions developing it into a story.

Happy teaching!🍀🍀🍀

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Alma Epifan

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3 thoughts on “Present Perfect Board Game”

  1. I love using board games in general for my classes. For this particular topic I usually use flashcards though where I write on the board “Have you ever…” and then on the flashcards a large variety of questions from serious ones like “… been in a car accident?” to ridiculously silly questions “…climbed Mount Everest?”. I try to mix it up so that the rhythm stays up and positive!


      1. Hi! Yes, I do. I’ll try to have fun with it… So sometimes I’ll randomly choose a “victim” (lol) to go, whereas other times I’ll have dice that determine who goes next. But yes, I mainly do it as an open class activity so that I can naturally correct the language as they go through the exercise, allowing the next students to become aware of the correct language structure. I don’t do it directly, simply mirroring their answers. I’ll even write a few random ones on the board so they get the idea,without telling them the grammar target yet.

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