Questions in the Past (Cambridge Movers level)

Hello! Guess who’s back: ).

This time I’m bringing you a board game that can help your Movers practise questions and answers in the past. Especially since the Cambridge Movers exam is approaching (at least at my school: ).

Board game – Cambridge Movers level

I did two versions of it: one black&white and a coloured one.

Let me know how it goes! And please share.: )

Download .pdf here: PastQsMovers.

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Alma Epifan

CELTA-certified English trainer. I love yoga, tea, books and traveling. In any order.

4 thoughts on “Questions in the Past (Cambridge Movers level)”

  1. Thanks so much, Alma, I’ll try this with my Movers class! Any chance of sharing an MS Word version? I’d love to tweek a couple of questions to suit my students. Anyways, cheers and thanks for the resources!

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    1. Hi Bill! I’m happy you intend to use it. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for the MS Word suggestion. I’ll try to do one for every board game from now on. : )


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