Do or Make?

Do or MakeHere’s  a handout that I made for my one-to-one sessions to review collocations with ‘do’ and ‘make’. You can download it in black&white or in color. Or both: ).

I’ve used it with pre-intermediate students and stronger elementary students. The first part is meant to test and drill the collocations (which you had previously taught) and then come some freer practice activities.

Download handouts here: Do or Make (bw) & Do or Make (color).

Happy teaching!: ) And let me know how it went.

Phrases with ‘take’

PhrasesTAKEHere’s a board game that you can use to review collocations with ‘take’. Useful for group work in the classroom or one-to-one English sessions. Can be used for both speaking and writing activities.

Download here in .pdf: Phrases with TAKE